Character, Bee


Follow these steps to build spelling and reading skills!

  1. Learn the alphabet
  2. Checkpoint: Letter recognition sheet
  3. Spelling Basics
    • Spell your name
    • Recognize sight words
    • Spell simple words

Ready to move on to READING?

Spelling with The Sunrise Pals

More Spelling Videos

Printable Flash Cards (PDF)

Printable Coloring Pages from A to Z

Aa   Bb
Cc   Dd
Ee   Ff
Gg   Hh
Ii   Jj
Kk   Ll
Mm   Nn
Oo   Pp
Qq   Rr
Ss   Tt
Uu   Vv
Ww   Xx
Yy   Zz

Sight Words Flash Cards

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Color My Name

From Abby to Zoe, learn to spell your own name with coloring pages!

Submit a new name

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